Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Mmmkay...I am about sick and tired of this blasted summer heat - and don't go telling me to suck it up since I live in Texas.  It is hot y'all and not just normal hot but nuclear hotdog hot and that is futzing with all my building/renovating/decorating plans.

See, I had good intentions this weekend but even after a blessed rain storm (which woke me up at 4:45 AM Saturday morning), it was still stupid hot and that just made me lazy.  How lazy?  Like couch surfing watching bad disaster movies on SyFy lazy (yay for craptastic disaster "movies").  I finally got my act together to get some semblance of minor order in my home office - which is good since I work from home - but pretty much nothing else. Dude. Not. Cool. At all....

I am really good at coming up with ideas for things to make or purchase for my house when it is hot outside.  The Internet is so my friend when it is hot and so I was on blogger yesterday catching up on another blog favorite and saw this thing of beauty:

Thank you Copy Cat Chic

I have been pondering what in the goobers I was going to do about my bar area in my dining room.  See, I bought this ginormous table but it was pretty and me wanty so I did it.  I had the table in my dining room for a year before I broke down and bought chairs for it (they are temporary until I can afford the Louis Ghost Chairs for every one's tushy).  Then I tackled that accent wall in blue. Now I needed something more snazzy than the re purposed bookshelf I have been using for years as my "bar".  I also needed something that would not take up a lot of depth and so when I saw this, I thought Bingo! 

The price was right - $89.95 for the whole thing before shipping costs - but the color was wrong.  Hey, for that price, I have no issues with getting it and then having to put a little love into it with paint.  I am going high-gloss white which will match the trim in the room and the eventual drapes that will make it on the windows. My credit card was burning up the Internet for this one last night.  Now I have to sit and wait for it to arrive...damn, that is the part I hate.

Now, anyone have a crystal chandelier they want to sell me uber-cheap so I don't feel bad about painting the crystals? Anyone? Please?



  1. 89.95? NO WAY! That is a great deal!

    Can't wait to see if after you Shelley-fy it.

  2. I finally got them in the mail - I love coming home to packages on the front porch! Good news is they are pretty simple to put together but bad news is they are not the super best quality...go figure for 89.95. But they will make excellent "patterns" if I really love the look and want to have these made from real wood instead of fiberboard....we will see!