Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chair Project Planning

So, those of you who know me (hi friends from work!) know that I am always on the hunt for something I can turn into something fab...either for my house or for Christie's 1930's cutie.  While I am not the best at Craigslist - that award totally goes to Christie and remind me sometime to take a picture and post it of her amazing Duncan Pfyfe style table she found recently and snapped up! - I am totally good at digging through a consignment or antique store and coming up with amazingness!

Recently, I put these digging skills to the test down in the Design District when the stores had a street sale.  I had read about the store Again and Again (check it here) that had recently opened their second store so I wanted to check it out.  Really, I was on the hunt for an affordable settee for Christie but in the wandering, I came across these:
Hello my beauties!
Not only were they fabulous but they were also marked down to $400 for the pair. SCORE!


Now the material on the chairs is dingy, 80's, and scratchy to the touch but the shape is amazing and the chairs are in great shape otherwise.  So, what are the plans?  Well, for the wood frames, I am going to sand them down and most likely stain in a dark look.  They need to be refinished due to some scratching on the legs that cannot be touched up and a dark stain will bring the chairs more in line with the rest of the furniture. 

So far so easy.

then I need to tackle the cushions on each chair.  Once I pull out the button plugs hiding the screws attaching the cushions, I can just rip off the old fabric and go to town once again with the staple gun.  After rocking the Settee last weekend, this should not be much of a challenge.  I will need to do a bit of sewing with these chairs though to finish the corners off but that is also not too much of a challenge.

What was a challenge?  Finding fabric I love enough to tackle this project.  So, while down near the office, I popped into my favorite fabric store (seriously, it is like Fabric Disneyland!) and began the search.  And what did I find?  Only this amazingness:

Love it!  Fab material....craptastic photo
This fab material has several amazing colors and fun patterns that will make these chairs the showpieces of my living room.  I am so excited to get started on this project and share with you the fruits of my labor.  But, real world and work are getting in the way so stay tuned....


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