Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just Because

So this week, I needed to create a video to express my Hamptonality (don't ask) and the only thing I could think of using as my subject is Snickers.  I mean, how can you not use the plethora of video of this cuteness:
Doesn't she look like a stuffed animal here?
I mean seriously!  Snickers keeps me sane when I am hip deep in some zany project either at my house or at Christie's.  She knows when to crawl up in my lap because I have stressed myself out over something or when to go hide in her travel crate (home base in her world) because I am busting out the big tools.

Snickers...she may not be certified but she definitely is a therapy dog in my life:
Who, Me?
I'll be back to regular DIY and decorator posts soon but for now, enjoy!



  1. Love me some Snickers!

  2. You know she loves you as well. You can hear her whining when we pull up at your can probably hear her all the way down the street