Monday, July 11, 2011

Pinky and the Brawn

Well, there she not Snickers though she has decided to take over the renovation responsibilities here but my new Pink Tool Belt of "Two Chicks" fame!
I'm thinking lots of soft fluffy surfaces with minions to wait on me!
So the quick story about the toolbelt is while installing shelves in Christie's kitchen pantry (or what we are turning into the pantry...more on that later when we get more than a few shelves up), I mentioned that I was going to have to get me a toolbelt for just such occasions.  Now mind you this is while I am rolling around on the floor of the pantry space (a walk-in pantry with a window no less!  I am so jealous!) mounting shelf brackets so the yummy, yummy goodness would not crash to the floor while Christie slept.  Anyway, I pretty much forgot about the conversation until I was installing the shelf and hanging rod in Christie's "Walk-in Closet" (again, more on that later with a story about my closet) when it would have come in SUPER handy as I kept misplacing the stud finder and drill bits.  Again, I did not think much about it...

Lo and behold, I headed over to the "Red Renovation" which is my current favorite name for Christie's place on the 4th of July weekend just to hang out and maybe grab a drink on the town square and this thing of beauty :

Hello Beautiful!
Was in a festive gift bag!  A gift from a true friend who lets me come up with zany projects for her house...wild ideas that neither of us know how to do - YET - and cost oodles of cash.  I was so excited as what a great birthday present...when she asked me when my birthday was (evil smile). So if it was not for my birthday, then that means I get some thing else in a couple weeks!  YES!  I love presents! 

Now I just need to find tools that color coordinate with my snazzy new tool belt....


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  1. "Stud finder..." I still giggle when you say that. And of course the toolbelt didn't count as a birthday gift silly girl!