Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Tale of Two Closets!

So Friday Fantasies was a washout this last week...but I have a job people and it kept me busy so look for friday fantasies this next week (hopefully since I will be in Reno for work)

So, one of the first things I wanted to tackle around my Suburbia-Standard house was my master closet.  I am a girl.  I like shoes. A lot. And purses. And clothes.  A lot.  What I don't like is having any of these things in my bedroom.  I mean, what are closets for if not all your clothes, shoes, and purses?  When I looked for my house, I really looked for a master closet that was large enough to store all my crap in.  No dressers for me...nosiree! 

So I lived with the builder-basic closet for last year but come the new year, I wanted to get the closet up and running.  I took my christmas cash (thanks mom and dad!), and headed off to the organization store of all organization stores...The Container Store.  See, me and Elfa are good friends.  Elfa and I have converted several closets and pantrys (my current pantry is sill in builder basic but on the project list) so I am very familiar on how to use this product.  You know you are more familiar with the product when you can sketch out your design in Excel (sorry, I don't have a CAD program on my laptop) and take it to the store with your cut list and they are impressed and showing it to each other...but I digress.  I got the hammer out and knocked the hell out of those crap shelves and went to town on installation...and now I have this!

Yes, those are lovely shelves for my shoes...and bags...and sweaters...and look at the magnificence! (Ignore the walls that need a coat of paint...a sister does what she has to in order to have a closet in a day!)

Right there on the left...
I even have space for my laundry cart!  And a stepladder because those shelves go ALL the way up and I am short.

And now just some fun shots...

Oooh, la, la!  Glamor shot...had to get some jewelry in this post!
Snickers, bored,
hiding in the closet wondering why mommy is taking pictures in here...

Next up for the closet is some better lighting.

So how is this story about two closets?  Well, when Christie moved into her has a bonus space in the back.  Walking through the house (sorry about all the comments, Christie!  I know it is your house but I have ideas...aaaaammaaaazing ideas!), she mentioned that she would love to turn this unused space into a "Walk-In Closet".  And like Jeannie to Major Nelson, BAM!  Done! 

Hello photo from a camera phone...
What?  You say it is just one shelf and a really long hanging pole?  Hey!  We are working on a serious budget here.  One thing at a time! 

Besides, the Great A/C Debacle of 2011 happened so money was diverted (Yes, one of these days Christie is going to tell the WORLD about the GACD2011 as I am now referring to it).  Seriously, we live in Texas and you have to have AC around here in the Summer.

Anywhoo, while our closets vary greatly, at the end of the day they fit us both.  My closet is complicated and seemingly organized to the max( TRUTH: my room typically looks like my closet went on a bender and vomited clothes and shoes everywhere) while Christie's is simple with personality and an organization I envy...just like the two of us!


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