Thursday, July 28, 2011

Paint Wars!

Dude, travel can suck the energy right out of you!  Anywhoo, So I was in Reno, NV this past weekend for a work event (though I did have fun!) and had the chance to see some of the fancy schmancy hotels and suites while I was there.  I will not go into all the details of the "Elvis" bathroom (especially since I do not currently have pictures) but it got me to thinking about all the painting projects I have around my house. 

Painting is not one of my favorite things to do but it has to get done.  When I moved in, the builders painted a nice tan color...everywhere. Ceilings? Check. Walls? Check. Every nook and cranny? Check.  The carpet is in the same shade of this tan color and it is like living inside a manila folder.  The color is not atrocious but the amount of it can be overwhelming. 

So, I have been thinking about the colors and when I am going to paint.  The colors are easy!  I have been dreaming about taking the color out of one of my throw pillows on the couch and translating it into an accent wall in my living room and dining room.  I love the Sherwin Williams App for my iphone where I can take pictures of stuff and match the color (and according to Color Snap, my skin is Swanky Gray so I gotta get some sun!)  For the wall behind my couch and the coordinating opposite wall in the dining room, I have chosen Dutch Tile Blue:
I LOVE this color!  It goes well with my existing furniture and my dream of having incredibly crisp, white drapes on the wall of windows (and french doors) in my living room as well as the windows in my dining room.  It also translates well with the kitchen cabinets  in my kitchen and the existing tan color in my house. Two good coats in a flat paint and I am golden!

Next on the paint project is my master bedroom.  I have been dreaming about doing something that will match the statement of my headboard.  Those that know me and have been to my house know I took a headboard that I made previously and converted it to a padded and wrapped headboard.  The material I chose was a medium gray.  I am still waiting to use the silver nail head trim I want to use but thus far love the headboard.  I want to build the rest of the bed surround and wrap it as well as I think it will give a more finished look.  BUT there is not much of a statement with the head board on the tan wall so I am going dark...really dark:

Black that name!  I think my headboard will scream fabulous against this dark color.  Also, that means I am going to take my nightstands (well, when I find the appropriate shape and size) and go high-gloss white with sparkly glass knobs.  Girly...yes, but I am a girl. 

My master also has three other walls and painting the entire room in Black Magic would make it look like I live in a cave and cave-chic is not what I am going for so I needed to pick another color for the rest of the walls and ceiling (since that is...wait for it...tan.) The ceiling I am pretty sure I am going to rock in white but for the rest of the walls, shazam:

Modern Gray!  It will go perfect with Black Magic and the gray of my headboard which is a bit darker tone.  It will also go with the fabric I have already bought for my window dressing so now I just have to find the perfect window seat fabric. Yes my master is going to look like a black and white photo but that is what I want people...leave me alone!

The final paint choice for this go-around is for my master bathroom.  All of the bath fixtures are white with chrome hardware.  The cabinets in the bathroom are in the same mocha color as the kitchen cabinets.  Also, the master bath opens up into the master bedroom...funny how that happens... so must "talk" to the bedroom colors.  So, what did I choose? Voila:

It is another gray but has more of a blue undertone to it and is darker than what I plan for the bedroom.  I have a really large frosted window in my master bath and the size of the space can carry the darker color.  Who knows though...I might just carry modern gray into the bathroom rather than this Unusual Gray.....

Now, Project House?  Well, I have shown you all photos of it before but here it is again:
Go, Speed Racer, Go!

I am pretty sure the red is settling in with Christie but I have to confess, the red - especially around the Faccia - looks like a giant red racing stripe to me...I don't know if it is the radical differences between the two colors or what but I am so itching to change something up here.  I would either paint out the red everywhere to a more complimentary color to the gray house paint or change up the gray to a color that works better with the red.  Besides, this is a 30's house so I am thinking more color combinations that they would have painted in the 30's.  What do you think readers?  Any suggestions for "Project House" paint colors?

As soon as some of these paint projects are completed, I will post up making fun of my painting abilities! (well, you can but I know where you live...I am that powerful)



  1. Too funny about the red paint! You're right...the color has grown on me. If I do change the color you know we are going to have to re-paint all the "pretties" on the front porch. For a while there I was painting anything that didn't move red to match the house.

  2. The power of paint is amazing! It's transformative and evocative and I can't think of a better way to spend minimal cash for the biggest bang. Of course, I am a TERRIBLE painter, so I have to beg my husband to do it while I just watch and eat a cupcake, but hey, we can't all have this painting talent, can we? =)

  3. Well, that and the "Modern Gray" color I picked out looks like internal not a pleasing color by any means. It is a light gray color with a yellow undertone making my test patches look like they are jaundiced...back to the drawing board on that one!